Holiday Gift Boxes

These carefully curated boxes are a great gift for the Vodkow-lover in your life!

Each Holiday Gift Box includes one 750ml bottle of your favourite vodka infused cream liquor accompanied by treats from our partners & Vodkow merchandise.

The Partner's Box includes a sampling of Vodkow Vodka & Liquors along with gifts from our partners.

Dark Roast Coffee Box: SOLD OUT! 750ml Dark Roast Coffee Liquor, Vodkow Mug, Equator 'Freakin' Good' coffee sample pack, Hummingbird Chocolate Mocha Bar (60g)

Sugar Shack Maple Box: 750ml Sugar Shack Maple Liquor, Fulton's Maple (50ml Glass Maple Leaf), Hummingbird Chocolate Maple Bar (60g)

Golden Bean Chocolate Box: 750ml Golden Bean Chocolate Liquor, two Vodkow shot glasses, Hummingbird Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

Eggnog Box: 750ml Eggnog Cream Liquor, Vodkow 8oz rocks glass, Hummingbird Chocolate Gingerbread Spice Bar (60g)

Chocolate Orange Box: 750ml Chocolate Orange Cream Liquor, Tasha's Table Creamsicle Marmalade (60ml), Hummingbird Chocolate Chocolate covered Candied Oranges

Partner's Gift Box:SOLD OUT! 250ml bottle of Vodkow Vodka & a Creamer 4-Pack (44ml of each Vodka Infused Cream Liquor, Chocolate Cream Liquor, Coffee Cream Liquor & Maple Cream Liquor), Equator 'Freakin' Good' sample coffee pack (52g),Hummingbird Chocolate Bar (28g), Fulton's Maple Syrup (50ml Glass Leaf Bottle)