Vodkow Creamer Four Pack

This product is not currently available for shipping, but you can find it at our distillery shop or our popup locations. 

Almonte is truly the friendly town. When we put down roots here, we were touched by the show of support from residents and local businesses. We were embraced by local makers like Equator Coffee, Hummingbird Chocolate and Fulton's Maple Syrup. To celebrate these friendships, we've created the "Almonte Friendship Series" - a collection of four 1.5oz creamers of Vodkow cream liquor each featuring our friends' world class products.

Now available to ship for Santa and beloved elves throughout Canada in boxes of 30 x 4-packs. Perfect for all of your stocking needs, and at a 10% discount off of the individual pack price! 

The creamer four pack comes in a cute box making it the perfect gift. Can be purchased for delivery or directly at our distillery. The product can be stored up to a year unopened. 

Vodkow Classic Cream is a blend of fresh Canadian lactose free cream and Vodkow, vodka made from milk sugar. With no added flavour nor colour, Vodkow Cream is a true expression of a cream liquor. Best served over ice or with coffee, Vodkow Cream is the perfect canvas for creamy cocktails. Also available in a 750ml bottle.

Vodkow Maple Cream features maple syrup from Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush in the heart of Lanark County: Ontario’s Maple Syrup capital. Six generations of Fultons have tapped the sugar maple trees on their 400-acre farm since the 1840s and have preserved the art of maple syrup and sugar making. Also available in a 750ml bottle.

Vodkow Chocolate Cream features bean-to-bar chocolate crafted by award winning Hummingbird Chocolate. Founded by Erica and Drew Gilmour, Hummingbird is committed to paying farmers better than fair trade prices for the best quality beans that are grown sustainably and ethically. Also available in a 750ml bottle.

Vodkow Coffee Cream features coffee by Equator Coffee Roasters. Canadian pioneers of the fair trade movement, Equator was established by Craig and Amber Hall with the goal of connecting the coffee farmer to the coffee drinker. Equator has been sourcing, roasting and serving organic coffee since 1998. Also available in a 750ml bottle.