A future built by tradition

In turbulent times, it’s tempting to abandon tradition for the promise of something new. At Vodkow, we believe a better future is built by constantly improving the traditions of the past. Our Vodkow cream liquor celebrates this belief. We proudly use Canadian cream and make it naturally lactose-free. We replaced traditional whiskey with our carbon neutral vodka we make from unused milk sugar. Our bottle reflects our dairy heritage while its lighter weight reduces waste. By combining the best of dairy with innovation, Vodkow is creating the future of cream liquor.

Lactose-free cream. Invented here on earth.

Vodkow cream liquor is made from scratch at our distillery in Almonte, Ontario. We use fresh Canadian cream delivered to us daily. We’ve invested in the equipment and know how to homogenize cream with our alcohol to make our cream liquor naturally shelf stable without the need for preservatives. Mastering the entire process allowed us to innovate and create North America’s first lactose-free cream liquor. Now those with lactose intolerance can enjoy our cream liquors.

Not available from the replicator

Dairy cream is often imitated but never duplicated. Almond, soy or oat alternatives can’t beat the luxurious mouthfeel and fresh taste of real cream. These products have to use oils, emulsifiers and other chemicals to try to match what comes naturally to dairy cream. Why reinvent the wheel? Vodkow cream liquors will always be made from fresh dairy cream, with no added fillers or thickeners to interfere with the natural goodness.

Vodka made from milk. There are stranger things.

During dairy processing, the sugar in milk (lactose) is separated from the fats and proteins. This byproduct (milk permeate), is discarded or used for animal feed. With people drinking less milk but eating more cheese and yogurt, excess lactose is a growing problem. We found a natural yeast that converts lactose into alcohol that we distill to make our unbelievably smooth and slightly sweet Vodkow vodka. Thanks to our upcycling, our vodka has a low carbon footprint (1.56kg eCO2 per bottle) that we offset to make our Vodkow vodka carbon neutral. We use Vodkow vodka as the base for all our cream liquors.

They didn’t come for Irish cows

Vodkow cream liquors are made with 100% Canadian cream and proudly features the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s “blue cow” logo. For generations, Canadian dairy farmers have lovingly tended their cows to produce the highest quality milk. Dairy farmers have also been reducing their environmental impact by adopting innovations such as on farm biodigesters. Respect for their cows and land is taking Canadian dairy into the future.

Out of this world flavours. Naturally made.

When crafting flavours we also aim to innovate the traditions of the past. For our classic cream liquor we let fresh cream be the star by not adding any flavouring. We partnered with like minded artisans in our hometown of Almonte to integrate their world-class products (chocolate, maple and coffee) into our cream liquors. To make our summer cream liquors, we upcycle citrus fruits that would otherwise be thrown away. While using artificial flavours would be easier and cheaper, we’ll never compromise on taste and our commitment to innovation. Explore Vodkow vodka and cream liquors.

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