After buying our still, my dad started looking for a transformer to provide American 3-phase power to its control panel. He found an electrician selling one on Kijiji and told him about the distillery project. Sean told my dad to get in touch when we were ready for an electrician and we did just that. Sean took Ian's electrical plan, made a few adjustments and got to work. His son, Ryan, who is doing his apprenticeship with Sean joined him on the project. I wanted to keep the electrical wires concealed so Sean ran conduits from the mechanical room to different locations in the distillery before the slab was poured. After the pour, Sean returned to install the myriad of electrical boxes for the 3-phase and standard circuits. sean While Sean was working inside, Merv and his crew were digging a trench to the new electrical pole Jody and his team installed a few weeks ago (the old pole couldn't accommodate the weight of 3-phase power cables). pole.jpg Merv's huge digger had no problem getting through the earth and he had the trench dug in two days. The road cut was more challenging since the frost had penetrated down to the bedrock but after a day of hoe ramming, the path was clear. Since I had the road open, Merv recommended I install some extra conduits. So he ended up putting in four 3" conduits for electrical and two 4" conduits for Bell. The conduits across the road had to be encased in concrete to prevent the wires from being damaged by frost. Sean connected Merv's conduit to his pipe going to the mechanical room. I now have a pipe from my new electrical pole to the building. mervelectrical

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