Hi y'all meet Kate Goffin. Kate joined team Vodkow in August 2019 on the bottling line and learned her way up to the distilling team. 

What is your favourite book? 

My favourite book is Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. I love dystopian stories and as a young woman this one resonated with me. It is the only book that I have read multiple times and it honestly gets better with age.  


What is your favourite cocktail? 

My favourite cocktail changes with the season. In the fall/ winter I prefer a whisky based cocktail such as A Walk in the Woods. With a fresh apple cider base and smokey whiskey it’s the perfect cold weather cocktail. As summer rolls around I tend to crave a margarita with fresh lime juice, tequila and cointreau. It makes me feel like I’m in Mexico.


How did you become a distiller?  

Several years ago, my husband and I drove to Nashville. Along the way we stopped in Kentucky to call in on a few bourbon distilleries. At that time I had never tried bourbon. With one taste I was hooked! The first distiller we talked to was incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable and had a huge personality. He was so passionate about his product that it ignited a passion in me. Needless to say we ended up including many more distilleries in our trip. Each one was different and had their own story. After our vacation I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to work in a distillery. I started looking at distilleries in Ottawa and came across Dairy Distillery. The story of taking an unused dairy byproduct and turning it into vodka is fascinating and the distillery itself is gorgeous. I sent my resume into Dairy Distillery and hoped for the best. I’m incredibly thankful that they decided to take a chance on me. 


If you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be? 

What kind of fruit am I? Ok, this one was the hardest question. I’m going to say that I am most like a grape. I’m quiet, unassuming and sort of sweet. However, with time I’m turning into something new; a lovely complex and finely aged wine. 

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