After starting my project, I quickly discovered that there is only one name to know in Almonte when it comes to excavation: Merv Logan at LBL contracting. Merv has been running his business for 38 years and knows everyone in town. After a few minutes reviewing the plans, Merv got to work scraping the building site, laneway and parking lot down to the bedrock. He found bedrock less than 2 feet down and it was surprisingly flat. It took Merv just over a day to have the site ready for footings. What did slow Merv down was digging down 6 feet through solid limestone to get below the frost line to connect the building to the sanitary/water at the property line. It took him 3 days and once he cleared the rubble I had limestone canyon going through my lot. I called it Merv Canyon.

The town had to cut the road to dig down to the main sewer line to make a repair to the lateral servicing my lot. The main line runs deep at 12 feet below the street. While the main sewer line was being serviced, Merv took the opportunity to upgrade my water service from a 1” to a 2” line. I’ll have no problems with water pressure in my shower.

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