Even though I'm celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary, I couldn't resist getting some work in.  Fortunately, work involves visiting a fine distillery in Prince Edward County: Kinsip. The distillery, originally called Gilead 66, was started by two Toronto physicians who recently sold the distillery to two young couples who have rechristened it Kinsip. The distillery is spread over several buildings that include a brick farm house turned tasting room, an inviting outdoor bar space, a cooperage and the still house. They weren't running any tours but that didn't stop me from checking out their still.

After I was done snooping around, we sat down to do some sampling. I was really taken with their Wit gin and proceeded to take a bottle home. After sampling, we settled into their outdoor garden to enjoy a cocktail under the trees. I would certainly recommend to anyone visiting PEC to make a stop at Kinsip and enjoy what they have to offer.


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