Vodkow Orange Cream Liquor

Vodkow Orange Cream Liquor is 16% ABV lactose-free Vodkow cream liquor blended with freshly extracted Orange oils from fruit that would otherwise go to waste.  

Orange Cream will be back again this spring.

Best described as a melted Orange Creamsicle, Vodkow Orange Cream was inspired by changes in the Québec food system.  Every week when fresh produce arrives at grocery stores, the old fruit is relocated or up-cycled into consumable products. Our friends at Flirt Drinks invited us over the river to see how they have be using discarded fruit to make soda and kombucha. We saw this as an opportunity for an economical and sustainable source of citrus for new products that would save even more food waste from the landfill. 

Each batch of fruit is hand peeled and soaked overnight in high proof Vodkow to extract all the orange goodness from the peel.