Cocktail Boxes

These carefully curated boxes are a great gift for the Vodkow-lover  & cocktail enthusiast!

Each Holiday Cocktail Box includes all the ingredients you will need to make your favorite Vodkow Cocktail at home.

Cherry Bomb Cocktail Kit: 750ml Vodkow Vodka Infused Cream Liquor, 750ml Vodkow Vodka, Tasha's Table Vodkow Pickled Cherries (250ml), Fulton's Maple Syrup (50ml Glass Leaf Bottle), Recipe Card

London Fog Cocktail Kit: 750ml Vodkow Vodka, 750ml London Fog Cream Liquor, Rae Country Farm Dried Lavender, Two Rishi Earl Grey tea bag, Dried Lemon Rounds, Recipe Card

Big Lebowski Cocktail Kit: Vodkow Waffle Robe, 250ml Vodkow Vodka, 250ml Vodkow Coffee Liquor, Vodkow Rocks Glass (8oz), Recipe Card