The family and I drove down to Stowe, Vermont for March break. Any worry of there not being enough snow for skiing was buried by a massive snow storm that dumped 2 feet in less than 24 hours. When we were not snow plowing on the slopes, we toured the local breweries and distilleries. Beer tourism is a thing in Vermont with dozens of breweries dotting the country side. We stopped by Green Mountain Distillers who make spirits using organic corn. I was surprised that they were able to make decent product using a stainless steel still. Down the street from our timeshare, we found The Alchemist brewery. Their brewery is housed in a gorgeous new modern building where they make some very hoppy beer. I was especially impressed with their fermenters that were decorated to look like their beer cans.


I also liked the huge fan they had and sent a picture of it to Sean so he can order one for us.


A 10 minute drive from Stowe is Waterbury which must be the craft beer capital of the US. I found a store dedicated to selling local craft beer and cider. The choice was endless. I wish we could have similar stores in Ontario focused on local beer, wine and spirits.

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