I was lucky to reconnect with Ivan, who did the drywall at my house. He assembled a team of pros that got to work as the last glass panel was being installed. I was worried that the boarders would complain about hanging the drywall on the SIPs using the scissor lift. But Max's team had no problem with it and the ceiling dry walled in two days. I often found myself watching them work. It was amazing how they could get a screw from their pouch into the panel in less than 5 seconds.

Next up was Mark, the tapper and mudder. Mark liked starting early so I had to be on site at 530 to make sure the heater was working (it was on its last legs and had to be restarted constantly). Mark didn't talk much but he did a lot of taping.


By the time I left for March break, Ivan's team had the entire place boarded, tapped and mudded.


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