When I started planning, I found inspiration in the recently built Dalmunach distillery in Scotland. I loved the window wall and wanted to my "modern barn" to have one.


Paul told me that I needed to find a curtain wall supplier so I starting calling around. I came across a company called Albion Glass and made an appointment for Paul and I to discuss the project with them. We were greeted by Tony, a gregarious Italian who owned the company. It wasn't long until Tony was serving us his home made grappa and showing us the figs growing in his office. Despite the curtain wall being really expensive, I put down a deposit with Tony without hesitation.

I had originally planned that the curtain wall be installed in December but production delays pushed things back. I was thrilled when I got the call from Albion that the steel mullions and glass were ready for delivery. Tony's son, Brandon, came out to survey the site. He said the hardest part will be getting the distillery curtain wall mullions up since they weight a ton.


Brandon and his crew started installing the frames in the retail area and office. I was amazed how quickly that went together. Things got bogged down when installing the mullions for the main wall. They had to make sure each one was perfectly aligned or the giant glass panels wouldn't fit. It took them over a week to install the mullions.


But the wait was worth it. With the mullions in place, all the glass went up in a day. The result was better than I could imagine.


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