The brutal cold continues but the team pushes forward despite it. Len from Valley Rent Rite brought us the scissor lift again so we can get the Tyvek and exterior insulation on. Paul called for a sheathing insulation (Roxul ComfortBoard) that gets attached the chipboard with metal disks (25 cents a disk!). This is in addition to the bat insulation that will get stuffed in the 2X6 walls. The sheathing insulation will prevent any "thermal bridging" across the studs and metal posts. To accommodate the sheathing insulation, we had to extend the roof so the insulation would sit under it. Perry did this by cutting down a 4X4 post to create a triangle piece that extended the roof by 2 inches. We wrapped the corner piece with a waterproof membrane (Blueskin) to protect it from water. Luckily the temperature got above zero so we were able to glue the Blueskin down.

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