The weeks of -20C temperatures has taken a toll on my schedule and moral. Merv's team spent a week digging the plumbing trenches with both a hoe ram and excavator. The frost in the gravel made it like chipping through concrete. trenches I planned for the curtain wall to be installed before Christmas. This would have enclosed the building making it easy to heat. To my dismay, Tony at Albion glass can't even give me an estimated delivery date for the glass. So I had to ask Perry and Claude to build a temporary wall to fill the void. Time and money wasted due to commitments not being met. tempwall Getting temporary heating was even a challenge. The concrete installer told me to use an indirect heater that vents it's fumes outside. The reason being is that the carbon monoxide produced by standard construction heaters will weaken the concrete when it is curing. Took me two days to find a heater in the coldest winter since 1974. The cold finally wore me down and I spent the last days sick in bed with the flu. Thankfully they are calling for warmer weather next week.

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